Professional Basement Waterproofing Company

Interior & Exterior Waterproofing

We are one of very few companies in the area that offer both interior and exterior solutions. Out multi-point inspections include checking to see which option is best suited for you!

Foundation Repair

What’s more important than the base of your home? We fix cracks, offer solutions to prevent settlement and/or structural issues!

Structural Repair

Whether it is beam replacement, pier installation/replacements, sill/band plate replacements, I-beams or other solutions, we can do it!

Landscape Drainage

Services to avoid pooling is offered such as adding a retaining wall, channel drains, raising concrete.

Downspout Extensions

It’s crucial to avoid pooling around your foundation. Extending your downspouts could prevent or resolve further damage!

Mechanical Components

We use the best equipment for you to have a long-lasting solution.


We use the best materials not sold in stores for the public. Our sealer is proven to help fill cracks and holes during our waterproofing process! Our vapor barriers are highly rated. Ask our representative during your visit for more information!

Other Services

We proudly offer other services to make it easier for you! They include, but are not limited to: gutter repair/replacement, concrete work, framing, decks, flooring, roofing, etc. Feel free to ask about other services you may need!



can repair small foundation cracks, all the way up to major structural repairs and crumbling foundations.  Fixing foundation problems is serious business so be sure to be thorough and extensive when searching for a foundation contractor as inexperience and poor work can cause not only major damage to your home, but can present serious safety issues.

  • Sinking Foudations
  • Holes and Cracks in Foundations